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As a pianist, Ross has performed at hundreds of events around London, Essex and the United Kingdom. Ross has also ventured further than his home town and has performed many destination weddings and events as a solo pianist in places including Miami, Moscow, Florence and even the Caribbean.   

The Piano is one of the most beautiful and romantic instruments that exists in the world and Ross certainly knows how to get the best out of the instrument.  Ross performs on the piano with an air and grace and knows exactly how to create the perfect atmosphere for any kind of occasion.  Ross has music in his DNA and makes complex pieces of music look easy.  

Ross plays a variety of genres through from Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz, Soul, RnB and Classical.  As an extremely versatile pianist, he will take you through several genres in the space of just a few songs and is also more than happy to take special requests in advance of your event if he doesn't already know it.  

As a wedding pianist or event pianist, standards and expectations are particularly high, so as well as being an excellent performer, you can expect Ross to always come looking the part.  Ross's smart yet cool and trendy image will allow him to fit in at any kind of wedding or event.

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